Meet the ‘N’ in NterprisesNatalya I. Sabga, MS, PMP®

I am Natalya Sabga, and yes – naturally – I am also the ‘N’ in Nterprises. If I had to post a job description to hire myself, the ad would call for a project management professional and operational efficiency expert turned business and academic advisor with years of (11 to be exact) professional management experience…oh, and you would also have to be fascinated with the study of human behavior….

Cause and Effect Analysis

Proudly earning the alphabet behind my name with a Bachelors degree in Social Psychology, a Masters degree in Economics and the title of PMP®, I still never expected that the better part of my adult life would be spent as a student of human behavior. My educational and professional backgrounds are both superceded by a natural inclination to “observe” which has translated into constant cause and effect analyses on every situation and project presented to me.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder, Rung by Rung

With 11 years of professional management experience and a multi-faceted career, I have gained an in-depth and comprehensive perspective on managing in the public and private sectors, as well as project and client relationship management. Working my way up the ladder, rung by rung, I mastered the art of project management implementing projects for organizations large and small, international and domestic – including Fortune 500 communication giants such as AOL/TimeWarner, AT&T (formerly SBC), NTT Communications, and Swisscom. So what began as a job from 9 to 5 soon became a hobby and an exercise in expertise leading me to earn my PMP®.

Empowering Business Professionals

In 2005, I discovered the way to synergistically merge my own passion for knowledge with my vast experience in the corporate sector, and joined the team of Florida Atlantic University's College of Business, Executive Education division - managing projects, programs and increasing operational efficiency. As the Associate Director, I have engineered and implemented highly efficient systems for program development and customer satisfaction, maintaining a competitive edge and reducing operational costs. My affiliation with FAUs Executive Education division also allowed me to explore the challenges and needs of business professionals, guiding and empowering them to create "Version 2.0" of themselves through an educational journey which ultimately leads to their personal and professional success.

CEO of Our Own Career Paths

I believe that we are all given the opportunity to be the CEO of our own career paths, and must seek those opportunities which highlight our strengths, allow us to blossom into more, and prevent us from shrinking into less.

Nterprises, was born of the strong desire to continue to utilize my experience and perspective for the benefit of individuals and organizations seeking greater efficiency, productivity and organization.

Order from Chaos

First and foremost, I view myself as an adept project manager and writer, with a passion for organizational efficiency and streamlining solutions. I relish creating order from chaos, and like to believe that God created project management as a gift to the control freak in me!

Getting It in Writing

My first independent, full length book "From Secretary to CEO: a Guide to Climbing the Corporate Ladder Without Losing Your Identity" is a first-hand account of an everyman’s climb through the corporate jungle to reach the highest rung on its ladder, and the book describes what the view is really like from up so high. It provides a simplistic look at how easily life can become a rat race, from one ex-rat's point of view.

I am currently working on my next nonfiction narrative, "A PMP®'s Guide to Project Managing Your Life" and continuing to dispense related professional advice when asked.