" He Who is Afraid of Asking is Afraid of Learning... " ~ (Danish Proverb)

Ask me no questions…

In my line of work in Higher Education, I like to stay informed of what other landmark institutions like this one and this one are doing in the same space; the talent they attract and the observations they make regarding adult learning, productivity and organizational behavior are valuable and in a league of their own.

A recent article by Hal Gregerson of the MIT Leadership Center shed light on the necessity of asking good questions in leadership..which naturally led to a few questions of my own.

Gregerson postulates that the ability to ask good questions is central to good leadership. To some, that may sound counter intuitive – aren’t leaders supposed to have all the answers, by default of their position? I, too, was skeptical. But, I was motivated to read through the article when I learned that even MIT – even MIT – knew it had some questions to ask. An institution acclaimed for its technological and scientific prowess, knew enough to know that it had room to stretch and build by combining its empirical strengths with softer skills that live within its world-class business school.

Now, I don’t believe in asking questions if you are too lazy to think through to an answer, even a hypothetical one. And, I certainly don’t believe in asking empty questions to fill space and sound smart. However, Gregerson’s data supports his belief that better leaders ask better questions – they think deeply enough to spot gaps in their own knowledge and formulate the right words into questions which will ultimately saturate those gaps with valuable answers… and perhaps more valuable questions.

At the end of the day, the questions we ask of ourselves determine the type of people that we will become.
Leo Babauta

Check out Gregerson’s the 4-24 Project for an exciting opportunity to begin to #livethequestion.

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