" He Who is Afraid of Asking is Afraid of Learning... " ~ (Danish Proverb)

What I DO know now, that I did not 12 months ago….

New Year’s Eve is akin to a pause in your breath, when you stop to inhale for a moment all that has passed and breathe out your hopes for all that is yet to come.

2013 saw fewer written blog posts and more life lived, challenges met and standards upheld. It saw moments of extreme clarity eclipsed by sheer exhaustion and frustration yet buoyed by support and camaraderie. And it certainly saw many more questions than answers.

What I DO know now, that I did not 12 months ago….

  • Handle business matters with your head and people with your heart; and, when the two worlds collide, lead as a human being with standards AND compassion – the two are not mutually exclusive.
  • Not everyone on this Earth was placed here to drain your energy – there ARE those who will replenish it and strengthen you when you least want it and most need it. Don’t judge the entire population by those who refuse to grow and take responsibility for their role, but DO limit your exposure to the latter. :)The ones you meet now, who will notice you, challenge you, work with you, and watch your back….They will be your strength. – Robert Krulwich
  • Strengthen your core – and not just at the gym. Your core muscles exist not only in your torso but also in your heart and mind. Strengthen your inner core every time you feel incapable, inferior, or scared. Remind yourself to practice good posture at your desk and you will avoid shoulder aches and pains; remind yourself to practice belief in yourself and positive self-talk and you will avoid a life led by anxiety and essentially unlived. Whatever they can do, YOU can do better…

Maybe this year, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives not looking for flaws, but looking for potential. —Ellen Goodman

Wishing You Success in 2014,

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