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Trading Expectations for Gratitude

In this, the season of ” Thanks”-giving, it’s natural for those who celebrate the holiday to stop on the pre-assigned third Thursday of November and zero in on the tangibles and intangibles for which they’re thankful…family, friends, children, sleep…were among the most common I noticed verbalized this year .

Nothing wrong with that.

But in a year where I’ve desperately tried to count my blessings amidst turmoil and not drown in a sea of unresolved issues each day, the day actually called ” Thanksgiving ” held little meaning, other than to make me wonder – what if we stopped actively seeking and expecting things for which to be thankful - easy days, fun jobs, perfect relationships, people who do exactly what we want them to do – and appreciated, instead, simply what we have, whom we are surrounded by, and the journey we are on…?

The focus then changes and the pendulum of expectation: disappointment swings in favor of appreciation: gratitude.

Expect little, and you won’t be disappointed.” Now that’s a simple truth. But, how about skipping the expectation and, instead, stopping to appreciate everything and everyone on your path because they’re meant to fill a patch on your life’s quilt… even when the needle used to sew certain patches feels sharp; and start with appreciating you -being true to your best self regardless of what you perceive to be your imperfections or worrying about what others expect of you.

If we can truly lose the expectations – of others and ourselves – waves of gratitude will ripple exponentially.

And, in closing, I will take this opportunity to thank those who showed up in my life unexpectedly and gave me reason to believe that humanity and unconditional friendship are still alive and well.

Trade your expectation for appreciation , and your perspective changes instantly. – Tony Robbins

Wishing You Success ,

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