" He Who is Afraid of Asking is Afraid of Learning... " ~ (Danish Proverb)

If You Get…Give. If You Learn…Teach

If You Get…Give. If You Learn…Teach ~ Maya Angelou

Both the title of this particular blog, and the quote above, are the words of the brilliant Maya Angelou. While I have not studied her works in great detail, the wisdom and peace which can be derived from mere snippets are surely mere portents of her full works.

And the aforementioned quotation, in particular, resonated with me greatly. With the super surge in blogging, tweeting, “facebooking”, LinkedIN, podcasts and the like – you are either overwhelmed with an onslaught of information and want nothing to do with it OR you cannot get enough. Really no in-between. Despite authoring a blog of my own, I was -admittedly- a member of the nothing-to-do-with-it club for many months.

Even as I wrote my first blog entries, I wondered ” who really cares except me…? ” A lifelong student of human behavior, coupled with an ease with words, I could not help myself but blog – all of those experiences and behavioral observations co-mingled with a platform on which to finally express them was too much to resist! Yet, the nagging voice which decried the relevancy of my thoughts and work lingered and often does to this day…until I realized how much I derive from the information imparted by other fellow bloggers and tweeters. I am addicted and grateful to them for funneling timely, relevant and otherwise easily-overlooked information to continuously fill my brain and exercise my mental muscle.

So, thank you Ms. Angelou for not only encouraging but justifying the shared expression of knowledge and thoughts -for each blog entry is a compilation of what someone has learned, including me, and it is a privilege to be taught by these writers.

On that note, I must take this moment to recognize some of my favorite, most-admired and thought-provoking bloggers – which, btw, I discovered from reading other blogs that had linked to these :) – I do hope you will check out my Top 5!

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